Aerolite Ceiling Insulation 

Aerolite otherwise called Think Pink, safeguards cash by decreasing unwanted temperature picks up or misfortunes and will decrease the energy utilization required to get the temperature again to where it is agreeable. Establishing thermal insulation in houses or business settings is essential keeping in mind the end goal to look after solace for occupants.

  • 25 to 30% winter warmth picked up 
  • 25 to 30% middle of the year coolness picked up 

Occasional Change 

Instate think pink aerolite ceiling insulation to recompense for season switch without running up your power bill utilizing radiators and air-cons throughout the day. An alternate thickness of ceiling insulation needs to be fixed in distinctive ranges, contingent upon the local atmosphere, additionally considers like expense, plan and inclination need to be contemplated. Aerolite insulation is asbestos free, has truly no health risk and is environment inviting. Utilization aerolite ceiling insulation to safeguard energy and save cash. Read more on isotherm

Retrofit Insulation 

Retrofit think pink ceiling insulation is the simplest and most financially savvy method for safeguarding cash and power utilization in your home. More than 80% of all homes don't have insulation that meets the requirements. Think pink aerolite ceiling insulation enhances particular solace in your home which is a major profit.

Decrease Energy Consumption 

Think Pink aerolite is a thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation that decreases the measure of energy needed to have a comfortable living environment and it offers a payback in less than 2 years with proceeded reserve funds from there on, by decreasing your power bills. Think Pink aerolite additionally has remarkable sound absorption properties and fabulous for sound sealing rooms or work places. Think Pink arrives in a mixture of distinctive thickness' for every climatic zone that conforms to the necessities in the new SANS 10400-XA building laws.

Produced out of Recycled Glass 

Utilized for more than 70 years, think pink aerolite (fibreglass insulation) has demonstrated itself a famous, eco-accommodating and protected to utilize ceiling and wall insulation that is presumably the most generally tried and recorded building insulation on the planet. Think pink aerolite has an established life of around 50 years. Glasswool insulation is produced from sand and up to 80% reused glass. On normal, the item holds half reused glass.

Thermal and acoustic ceiling insulations that are produced out of blowing operators harm the world's ozone layer. The great thing about glasswool items,  is that they don't hold any blowing agents, in this way, not doing any harm to the ozone layer. Think pink Aerolite's insulating properties come from the items capacity to trap air inside the glass filaments . Think Pink has a zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

Explanations for use of Aerolite: 

  • Non-ignitable. Think pink aerolite does not blaze! 
  • Top notch acoustic and thermal lands 
  • Does not require any support 
  • Endures up to 50 years 
  • Diminishing energy utilization and returning cash in your pocket 
  • It gives you deep rooted energy funds 
  • Think Pink aerolite is lightweight 
  • It is sheltered to apply and utilization 
  • SABS affirmed ceiling insulation 
  • Diminishes warm infiltration by up to 87% 
  • Ensured for 30 years 
  • Keeps the temperature in your home steady throughout the entire year 
  • Eco-friendly