Isotherm Ceiling Insulation

Isotherm is a thermal and acoustic ceiling and wall insulation that is produced out of thermally reinforced, individuals amicable polyester. It is processed from reused PET bottles. Isotherm ceiling insulation has a soft surface which makes it simple to slice to size and work with. It is agreeable to the touch and won't retain water or whatever possible dampness, despite the fact that the item will dry assuming that it is presented to little measures of water. Isotherm ceiling insulation is perfect for utilization in both ceilings and walls.

Isotherm Fire Rating 

Isotherm ceiling insulation is protected to use for private and business use and has been fire tried to characterization B/B1/2. Isotherm ceiling insulation will self-smother when the heat source has been evacuated and won't help the spread of flame. It is still recognized exceptional practice not to lay open isotherm to blazes or whatever viable ignition sources.

No Loose strands – User Friendly 

Isotherm ceiling insulation withstands typical handling care while being transported and commissioned on the grounds that it is an extremely strong item and doesn't tear or break effortlessly. One of the great focuses about isotherm is that it doesn't shed any detached filaments which makes it more secure to commission. It has no vapor or emanations of hazardous natural mixes, or anything synthetically unsafe.

Diminish Power Consumption 

Isotherm ceiling insulation is impervious to build-up and any organisms and micro-organisms connected with dampness. It is likewise non-allergenic. It doesn't corrupt or harm over long periods of time and is totally recyclable.

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Isotherm ceiling insulation offers a payback in under 3 years, and pays itself off by recovering power utilization, which lessens your power bill. It utilizes common temperature control so you can do your part to recover on characteristic assets. Utilizing isotherm decreases warming and cooling expenses in your home or office in light of the fact that it is made to support an agreeable temperature throughout the entire year.

Motivations to pick: 

  • Non-Toxic - No substance added substances, smells or discharges of unstable natural mixes. 
  • Upkeep free. 
  • Non-Allergenic Polyester
  • Fire tried to arrangement B/b1/2. 
  • Isotherm is eco-accommodating. 
  • Ceiling insulation recovers vigor. 
  • Isotherm agrees to SANS 10400-XA 
  • Can recover up to 21% on your month to month power bill. 
  • Diminishes cooling and warming expenses by between 40% and 70%. 
  • Delicate composition and safeguard to establish 
  • Cool in Summer 
  • Warm in Winter

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