Factorylite Ceiling Insulation

High caliber, adaptable glasswool that is non-burnable (think pink aerolite) with a dormant fastener is utilized to make factorylite insulation. The item is strong, lightweight and protected to utilize. A fortified foil is confronted on the one side of the item which expands its quality. It improves indoor natural quality and offers outstanding acoustic properties by retaining noise.

Where is Factorylite used?


Typical places that you would use this insulation product is in factories and warehouses. Just about anywhere there is no ceiling to install normal aerolite or isotherm insulation. The factorylite insulation product is retrofitted to the inside of the factory or warehouse roof, with the fiberglass material facing the underside of the roof, while the reflective foil is facing down. So if you were standing in your factory and looking up after the insulation, you would see the shiny foil surface from the bottom.

Retrofit Factorylite Insulation


There are not many companies in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Western Cape that will be able to install factorylite to an existing roof (which we call a retrofit job). Its not an easy task to take on. Having the insulation product installed before the roof is put on is easy and quick but a retrofit job is time consuming and extremely difficult.

What colours do factorylite insulation come in?


When selecting to insulated your building, warehouse or factory with this insulation product, there are two main colours you can choose from. You can either go with the shiny silver reflective foil face or the white colour. Both are equally effective, its really just a matter of preference here. The most common colour is silver, this is what most people go with. On the left hand side is a photo of the white factorylite installed in a garage without a ceiling.

Fire Properties of fiberglass factorylite insulation

Factorylite insulation is foil faced tested to SANS 10177 Part 5 [deemed non-combustible]
White metalized foil = A1, S1, D0 - tested to DIN EN 13823
A = general classification, S = smoke generation, D = droplets
Class 1 fire index rating - tested to SABS 0177 Part 3 [only foil faced]
Complies with ASTM E84 flame spread & fire index requirements

Why should you be using factorylite?

  • Factorylite is non-burnable and does not smolder! 
  • Fabulous acoustic and thermal properties from factorylite 
  • Does not require any support 
  • Factorylite keeps ticking up to 50 years 
  • Lessening energy utilization and returning cash in your pocket 
  • It gives you deep rooted energy investment funds 
  • Factorylite is lightweight 
  • It is safe to apply and utilization 
  • SABS approved ceiling insulation 
  • Lessens warm entrance by up to 87% 
  • Has an ensured for 30 years 
  • Keeps the temperature in your home steady lasting through the year 
  • It is Eco – Friendly Ceiling Insulation 
  • Does not pull in vermin

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